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The construction of a wine building or a wine cellar and the selection of equipment associated with the design of the structure require a depth reflection, in particular on economic and quality aspects and safety of users. However, beyond the functional aspect, the integration of sustainable development requires an analysis of the impact of the design and operation of buildings on the environment. Sustainable development concerns all activities sectors.

The international organization of Wine and Vine has provided a definition of the sustainable viti-viniculture: "Global strategy on the scale of the grape production and processing systems, incorporating at the same time the economic sustainability of structures and territories, producing quality products, considering requirements of precision in sustainable viticulture, risks to the environment, products safety and consumer health and valuing of heritage, historical, cultural, ecological and landscape aspects."

The integration of this concept in the wine industry associates primarily a consideration of the management and control of energy in the design of farms and wineries. Nowadays, only a very limited number of training courses dealing with agricultural buildings eco-design are available. That's why, for an integrated approach, innovative training tools have to be developed. The ECOWINERY project resulted in the development and experimentation of such tools and train the winegrowers to cellar eco-design.

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